Saturday, 18 April 2015

Celebrities and their endorsements!

Every now and then we see a celebrity endorsing a new brand. Well, सच पूछो तो I feel,  पैसा इंसान से कुछ भी करा सकता है!

Really! It's true. A actor promoting a beauty the fakest I feel. They would not even have seen the product before and after the shoot. They must be using some super-expensive, hard to find products.

No question about the fact that whether they use the products or not, they do make the product visible. If they wouldn't have endorsed those product, probably we wouldn't have noticed it as well. 

Few products are meant for celebrities. It looks as if the product were made for them to endorse. According to me, my list of celebrity endorsing brands should be:

Fair & lovely:

Remember Kajol in Bazigaar! She was a dusky beauty back then but now she has changed and she is glowing more and more with every passing day! 
Secret revealed:
Fair & Lovely ;)

Zandu Balm:

Shahrukh Khan has an unstoppable & inexhaustible energy. He may look his age but definitely his actions needs a support system.
Secret revealed:
Zandu Balm

Mrs. & Mr. Bachchan are the cutest couple (after my parents though ;) )! In spite of a lot of differences among them and other influences, they seem to be inseparable! Hmmm Mazboot zor..bahut mazboot!
Secret revealed:

Indulekha Oil:
Do I really need to say more! People out there...who have hair loss problems, please get inspired!
Secret revealed:
Indulekha HAIR Oil

Although Nokia is no more, it still the first phone brand I had.
It is a true story. If you do "No kia", there are many beautiful/handsome people who can connect! No actually connecting people!!
Secret revealed:

Bodycare Thermal Wear
Our dear Delhi CM can't handle the famous Dilli ki sardi! But he does looks like fighting it in a wonderful way!
Secret revealed:
Bodycare INSIDER(andur ki khabar)

Kayam Churn
With every movie, Mr Hashmi is becoming more and more expressive. But whenever I see him, to me...his expression says "absolute no romance"...they speak a different story!
Secret revealed:
Kayam churna!

 I am joining in on all the Pepsi IPL action in my own style with the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity at BlogAdda.” 
“This Pepsi IPL, it’s not just about cricket. It’s time to crash with your own created ad! Make your own Pepsi ad & if it’s chosen, it could play on TV during Pepsi IPL! And hey, it doesn't end here… Even if you're chosen as a finalist, you stand a chance of winning a prize amount of Rs.1 lakh! So what are you waiting for guys?”

P.S.: If at all, this post creates a thunder and all you celebrities(listed above) do read this blog post, please don't mind for I used your pic for various endorsements. Actually I wanted to feature Gajodhar and Guriya for all these endorsements! But guess one knows them :-/ !!!

Friday, 17 April 2015

The waiting room!

Nothing...absolutely nothing can irritate me more than waiting.

Here I was, in the waiting room!

Happy to wait.
Praying that my wait doesn't end....ever!
Extremely pleased that their was a big queue ahead me!

Oh splash! Did I hear my name!

"Why God why? Why did you make teeth...then you topped them with cavities! Then made dentist! Ahhhhaaa why me, why me!"

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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

A bucket challenge!

The lallas and the babus of India were forced by their better halves/sisters/friends to take up a challenge!

A bucket challenge - If you are thinking of the ice cold water and the entire Bollywood/Hollywood/world, getting soaked with it, then's actually better than that.

When we get married, in all mantras and promises, we as husband and wife promise to help each other in every aspect of life. But our minds are already set or rather divided. Divided in terms of work.

The bride...working or a home-maker, has to take care of the household things. Be it kitchen, cleaning, clothes, cupboard, kids, etc...etc...etc!(Trust me the list for a married woman does goes on and on and on!) While the groom dreams for a life where he wakes up to a hot cup of coffee, finishes his daily course, has hot tummy-full variety breakfast and finally goes to office with a big hot-case Tiffin with may be four dubbas(containers) in it. He comes back to a *sorted house and watches TV after opening his shoes anywhere in the house, leaving his laptop bag in middle of the centre table and foot stretchered while changing various news/cricket channels, asking for chai-pakore!!!

This division of labour has become a tradition. Our forefathers/mothers did, our grandfather/mother did, our father/mother did and so it is just going to be carried over. Since childhood, I have seen that female gender means that they will do household work, male gender are exempted from any such enforcement to help in household work. 

May I ask WHY? WHY? WHY?

Off topic, my daughter is a complete Peppa Pig buff and there was one particular one which I really liked.

The kids don't mind their father doing the washing(though he just washed his t-shirt)! It's not a big deal, it's just a mind set.

We keep breaking a zillions of tradition to suit us, can't we break this one too! It needs to start some era!

So, let the change begin!!!

Wash Bucket Challenge

Let's talk about the challenge, which I gave him. To wash a bucket full clothes! Well, I don't know about love for my husband and all(five years, you see) but I do my clothes. If they are being washed, they need to be clean. With the person in charge, I took a extra care...I changed the washing powder packet with Ariel Matic.

As expected, he couldn't see the dirt and spots, which should be removed before you put them into the machine. Thank God, Ariel Matic...had that much sense and my clothes were in a prim and proper state. Just the way I like it, perfect!!!

Thanks Ariel Matic, you kept the spirit and hopes high!  The job looked so simple that my husband insisted on sharing my work load. Really! The work where I need to wash the clothes. The clothes come out sparkling clean**.

                     My friend's husband:
Sur....he is indeed sharing your load....happily! We need to thank the magic.. Oh Matic! 

This post is a part of the #WashBucketChallenge activity at is association with Ariel India' in your blog post. 

*Sorted house: If the house happens to be a little unorganised, you can clearly see the whole melodrama of the husbands, of being a complete cleanliness freak. He might keep a wet towel anywhere, he might not get the smell of his extremely loud foot and socks perfume(for which you might need a air freshener, but sir will not realize that there is any smell at all)! The same person would create a ruckus. Oh, yes my cleanliness God! HUH!

** I wonder if I still trust my clothes with my husband, but definitely my trust lies in that washing powder, Ariel Matic! For that few minutes of 'My time', I can give you my lifetime of unconditional love, unwavering commitment and saath(companionship)! Thank You!

Monday, 6 April 2015

Let go!

Sometimes in life, it is essential to let go! 

There are so many times we take a wrong turn/decision. We miss out an opportunity which would had been a game-changing or even lose on what we hold due to our stupid mistake.

I made a mistake. Maybe a big one. Cause of that mistake I missed out on many opportunities. But the fact remains the same, what is done, is done.

How many days can you cry on a missed/lost chance?

I cried...for days! Or maybe a month! I don't know. But I cried over it so much that that my family/friends got tired of explaining me and uplifting my mood. I became a typical cry baby or a devdas as a matter of fact. Expect that I kept on crying on tea and coffees!

My state was such that even if a tsunami would have come and made my life all upside down...I would still have cried for that stupid mistake of mine.

I was not ready to forgive me. But then how long could I hold on a broken string. One fine day I just woke up and I forgave myself for the mistake. I let that opportunity go like it never meant to be.  

The moment I let go..all those feelings, I was all of sudden fine. I could breathe normally. I could a lot of goodness in my messed up life. I again put myself back again. With another dream...with another wishes and for other endeavours of life.

If you ever made an mistake...if can't let it go, just try forgiving yourself. Just try letting go! You will feel happy. You will fresh and happy.

Let go in life and let yourself be lucky...again!

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

WhatsApp call feature!

It's welcome move by - WhatsApp! Calling feature.

Well, in a year...around six months me and my husband stay away from each other. Five years down and still going strong....may be this distance keeps us connected ;-) haha!

Well, this "connected" is technology bound. Totally. I can't even imagine the era where to connecting to people was a task. You either wait for a trunk call or letter.

I wonder how I would be then. Probably I will become a zombie and won't sleep till I receive a call. Goodness me. Not sleeping for good few days. Phew! Probably I would be singing...'mere piya Gaye Rangoon....vaha se kiya hai telephoooon...."! Thank God, I am in this era where technology is at our finger touch and options are varied.

The newest and for me the bestest one is - WhatsApp call feature. My husband and me are addicted to WhatsApp and this feature is just in another tab. Like we had two tab:


Now the same looks like:


Just go to the 'call tab' and call who ever is there in your list. Plus the quality of sound is good, as in there is no disturbance/noise associated with the call.

Thanks whatsapp!

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Be there, in win or loss!

You win.... I will forgive all your mistakes!
You lose.... I will forget all your hard work!

We lost a match yesterday, we blamed everything related, unrelated or alienated. Just any reason to blame looks cool and satisfying for us.

Not that there were none, who did support the team! But this trait of blaming-shaming is there in our whole system, that too from long.

Talking about parents here....they have some dreams for their children. They feel their children will make them proud. Their children work accordingly. They work and try to match to their parent's expectation.(Talking in general terms, not including the exception!)

If they do as desired:
Parents celebrate their child, they distribute sweets, throw parties, call every single person they know to tell about their glorious child and his/her achievements.

If at all, they fail:
Parents find 'n' number of excuses for their failures.
*    They didn't work hard,
*    Galat dost hai iske,
*    Jab dekho tub Mobile, call, chat,
*    Girlfriend/boyfriend kaa shauk chadha hai!
Blaaa bllaaaa bllaaaa!

These parents also hide their face and avoid getting into conversation with anyone. They feel ashamed and let down.

My question is, WHY?

Didn't your child work? If he failed, he too is extremely hurt and pained. His hard work has gone in drain. In spite of supporting him/her many  parents shout at them and give them a disappointed look.

Remember the movie - Tarre Zameen Pur, where the elder son, Vihaan is trying hard to win a tennis match and loses. His father didn't hide his disappointed emotions and openly showed his son how let down he felt.

I know that all parents are not like that and I salute you for not pressuring your child with your expectations. But if you do, please stop. It's not human. Your child does his best and he will do better if you just give him one simple thing - your support!

It's the same thing we do with the team India, when they win, we make them sit on our eyelashes(hehe literally speaking!) But we can't accept the other side.

Common people, better team won and that's about it! Hope next time we support our team in a better manner, in their wins and in their loss!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Surname Change

Should a woman change her maiden surname after marriage?


A positive no and a affirmative NO and a loud NOOOOOOOOO.

Why shall we change the very basic credential of ours. Just because I am married, I am supposed to do the following:

> Change my house.
> New family which are supposed to PLEASE
> Wear sindoor, bangles, bichiya, ring....etc(though I have personally no issue in this clause ;) )
> You can't go to your mumma-papa's house on every festival.
> Even if you work, you need to see how things are going on in the house, Housework!

On top of all these changes, I need to change my name?


This name has been my identity and changing it for anyone sake is not what I really wanted. Thank God that my husband didn't had any issue with me not changing my name or modifying it in any way. Not on my personal life...not on my papers. I think, if he wants to accept me, he can do that without me having to do at least that basic change in me.

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