Saturday, 19 August 2017

Not Made in China

There have been a whole lot of articles and a lot of memes - on not using Chinese products, on how are army is being targeted by them and how if we don't use Chinese product, they will be at total loss.
Well, I really got affected by a few blogs and decided that I will, henceforth, not buy anything where it is written "Made in China". In all my small and big decisions, my partner in crime is - my daughter. She also promised not to buy any toy which is made in China.

Yesterday, I went to "Star Bazaar" and had to buy a toy gift for a little girl's birthday. The entire toy section had products marked "Made in China". I was about to take one...when my daughter reminded me...We are not taking China-Made products, right!


Just wondering - Why do these hypermarket keep "made in China" products? Of course, there are many products which are China-made - like phones, toy, plastics, shoes, electric appliances and about everything we can think of. But has the Chinese product penetrated so much that we can't take a back seat?

Thinking loud -

Why only customers need to take a step back, of course GOI can't due to world politics and all but for the hypermarkets are looking for only profits? Can't they stop taking in these products?

I know of one toy shop which has stopped getting all the Chinese products. It is running fine. Why can't hypermarkets, as their Corporate social responsibility, boycott these Chinese product?

I have made my contribution by not buying any Chinese product, now it's everybody's turn. Let's do it!

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Horror Shows!

My daughter is five. When she was younger, she saw some cartoon where she came to know about ghost, vampires, mummy, witches et all. All at a cartoon level. It wasn't scary at all.

Recently, someone in my house was watching Zee TV and she was crossing by, when she saw some new program promotional trailer of a horror show.

Certainly, I didn't expect what happened next.

All of sudden my daughter became so scared that refused to go to the bathroom all alone, even in broad day light. She doesn't go the other room for playing, not even to her favorite place, where we would find her all the time, the balcony. 

We tried to find out the reason and she told us about that clipping she saw on the tv. 

Now, it is a big task for us to take her out of that shock and explain her that it is just a play, not real. Her mind is not ready to accept it though. 

Well, Zee TV is banned for all at my place now, at least when my baby is up and at home. Not only Zee tv, there are many music channels as well, which are a complete no-no at our place, cause they also telecast these trailers. I am not aware how many kids have watched these trailers and how they react but for us, it was bad...bad.

Wishful thinking : These scary trailers should be aired after 9 pm in any channel and not before that.  

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Standing with GST!

There is a lot of noise with GST and lot of memes floating about GST is going to ruin us completely.
Before I tell, which side I am standing, let me share the meme which I founf the best::

Jab bhi those paise jama hote hai,

Kahi se ek awaaz ati hai...."Mitrrroooonnn!!!"

Isn't it damn funny!
Well, well, having laughed at this meme, I stand strong with this GST and this revolution.

At the consumer end, may be we have to pay a little extra for few specified services and goods but we are still at the advantageous side.

But being a customer/consumer you and I need to be informed.

Let me quote a recent incident - @ Lifestyle.

Lifestyle quoted flat 50% discount, with hardly a few items at that discount rate. I had a voucher and I thought, before these cards become useless and before GST, let me complete the shopping.

On the items which were on discount, Lifestyle charged extra 5%, claiming that these are new government rules. I am talking about the days before GST was implemented.

When I inquired the store manager about which rule is such, he had absolute no idea! Of course, the same thing was done at many other stores as well.

I really felt cheated. But what option I had?

I know post GST things are going to be a little chaotic, but one thing is for sure -

Do check your bills. Now, we only need to pay the goods and service tax. There are few smart shops who are going to charge you additional for - Service tax.

Be alert and careful. DONOT pay service tax. We just need to pay GST.


Before I learnt how to drive, I was at the other side. I used to wonder why people honk so much. It was quiet irritating and so seemed uncalled activity. Trust me, I actually felt, no honking is actually possible!


Of course, I am on the driving seat and who ever thinks it is possible to not honk, please meet me in person!!!

It is absolutely impossible in India. 

Absolutely impossible.

There are so many people who walks busy in their phone, not even looking if any vehicle is coming.
There are others who will just come from any small roads joining the big roads, in full speed; without any horn and there is full possibility of two vehicles banging. This is not all. You have given signal to turn, and someone will just walk in front of your car, if you don't honk.

If you don't honk in both these conditions, then bang-bang!

Really, for those who have visited the foreign countries, please keep these expectations till you remain out of India. Here, we talk loudly, we are a little in hurry all the given time and we can't do without loud HONKS.

So for everyone's safety, let there be some noise!!!!


I was very very excited. I was going on my school trip - to New Delhi, Shimla and Chandigarh. My parents didn't want to send me. Luckily my brother had a school trip a month back - to New Delhi and Jaipur. The best part was he got permission to go for the trip.

My parents had a little choice, you see! If my brother can go, so can I.

Those were safe days. Girls and boys were safe. People had some faith in humanity, or maybe it was not reported. I don't know, let's not go there. Okay. So, it was my trip day.

That one instruction that I think all of us friends got from our parents was - Please call where ever you find a PCO. Teachers were requested to make sure that the children make calls to parents every day. Just once though.  

My parents knew where ever I reached. I called everyday and shouted on phone, "I am fine...I am at so-&-so location. Don't worry. I am good." Hang up. Pay the PCO person and done for the day!


The mobile revolution has taken place. The revolution has its effect even on a two year old(mine started going crazy about mobile at that age...not sure about the little mobile-freaks age!) Small children who don't even have the proper bathroom sense knows how to unlock a phone and open a game app or YouTube and play rhymes!

Most of the school going children, talking about high school children, have a basic phone. When children of today go on a school trip, it's easy to reach them...except if the child and the entire team has switched off their phones in badmashi.

Even when we go to offices, we inform our families, we are here at office. Kya khaya, kya piya, kya kiya...etc etc... everything is shared. Not only calls, but social media has also made this place more accessible.

I can't place my child in my kind of trip. If she doesn't has a phone and if I am unable to reach her at my ease, it's difficult for me send her anywhere. Of course, the time has changed as well. But with all this mobile revolution we have become slaves to our phones and the habit of reaching out to each other at our ease has made us mobile-slaves.

Try this, leave your phone and go somewhere for sometime, a hour or two! Come back home and trust me, you will know how important you are! Everyone will yell and tell you, HOW COULD YOU LEAVE YOUR PHONE AND GO?  

If you are unreachable even for one hour, people go crazy! Indeed, gladly accepting that, I am too a big mobile slave! Mobiles ki jai ho!


If you think teaching is easy, try to handle a bunch of pre-primary kids.

I started taking after school learning classes and trust me, it was going great. Everyone was learning a new thing every day. Everything was under my control. Until the next boy joined.

He is very energetic boy with a little less sense of "NO". He gets angry on everything. He won't even do things as per my instruction. He loves to snatch. He loves to hit and bite. There has been no learning since he has come. He doesn't want to learn and he disturbs everyone else.

I wonder what shall I do. I don't know. My child is also his age, but she has learnt the basic lessons of how to handle her own self.

I really feel there is a big difference in being naughty and having behavioral issues. Or am I just too stressed cause of him, can't say!

Does anyone has any idea how to deal with such situations?


I am really very excited to meet this LION couple, who are new to the Pune zoo.

I thought I am a biggg animal lover...but hey you have to meet my five year old who is ready to pick her pets' potty too...need a pet at any cost. It can be pigs too!

 So, here we with two real rabbits. Irrespective of pets at home, we are regulars at the zoo too.

This news of addition to he zoo family was a celebrated news for my daughter. Yes....she made us cut a cake and went for our first time with the lion at our own zoo.

What makes me extremely happy is the whole funda of adopting  animals at the zoo. With the entry fee which is just a few rupees and with limited government financial help, managing and giving the best feed to the animals and giving them appropriate care is indeed difficult. According to the records, a lion couple would eat 8-10kg of meat in a day. With such a figure, its difficult for commoners to adopt such big animals but corporates stepping in for adoption is the best part.

Hope there are more such initiatives. I can adopt rabbits but hope the richies and corporates make this adoption of animals, a trend and take this ahead!

Change is near!